KakiDex: Community Update #1

New farms, consolidating liquidity, huge marketing campaign and Airdrop.

  • After implementing our Timelock Contract and reached 20,000$ amount in the farming contract we decided to add new pairs to the farms. We wanted to add WBTC and WETH initially but ended up having an interface issue with half of the planned pairs. We decided to only make the WBTC pairs available and removed the ETH ones until the issue is fixed.

The pairs added:


  • Most of our genesis pools are now getting filled and we are hoping the new ones will also get some attention so we can move with adding new farms. We will try to make farms that avoid the interface issue until our developer team gets it fixed!
  • When our TVL will reach 100,000$ we will look further for adding more pairs and increase our DEX volume to make it more appealing for users of the Polygon Network.
  • We launched ads on 4 big crypto websites that receive a lot of targeted traffic, another campaign on Instagram, Twitter, Telegram and Reddit. Furthermore, we are continuously working on creating content to spread on all our social media channels and we are applying suitable strategies for each of them individually.
  • All this is combined with our Airdrop Event that also gathered some attention with 200+ participants that are constantly growing. We are going to come up with many more contests for raising awareness and for our platform users too!

On October 23 2021, 100 participants will be selected and will be awarded 1.000 $KAKI each!
Out of the 100 winners, 51 will be randomly drawn and the other 49 will be selected based on the referral count (top referral bringers).
Rewards distribution will start on October 24. Winners will be announced in this chat.

Join Kaki airdrop at @KakiAirdropBot and help us increase the awareness about $KAKI!

Our internal teams are working on developing the platform and our marketing systems but also reaching out to several strategic partners for the project. There are also efforts put in strategizing our expansion and launch on several other blockchains. We wish to reach a much bigger number of pairs here on Polygon first but we are already planning everything.

A Timelock Alert will be posted on Telegram Chat when new pools will be added, so join us at @kakidex on Telegram.

Important links below:

App: app.kakidex.com
Analytics: info.kakidex.com
Docs: docs.kakidex.com
Telegram: t.me/kakidex
Twitter: twitter.com/kakidex